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2goscript Rules
The use of words like *fuck* is prohibited in forums.
when creating new topic in forums, avoid making all letters appear in capital form.
each and every topic, thread or news should be created, published or posted in the right section/category.
Avoid creating irrelevant news,fictional news and fictional events are strictly prohibited.
spamming in forums is not allowed.
On no account should you insult a 2goscripter either in forums or private chats
please do respect the right of other 2goscripters.
During comments, always make sure the colour of your text is one that will be clearly visible.
Please do report any offensive posts in forums.
avoid requesting for airtime from a fellow 2goscripter during private chats.
usage of abusive words during private chat is prohibited.
advertising of referral sites and ponzi sites is strictly prohibited during private discussion.
Please do report offensive messages during private chats.
no member is allowed to create multiple accounts on 2goscript.
Do not pretend to be the owner of 2goscript, if you do, be ready to face the panalties.
promotion of site, business, music etc should not be done in forums or private chats only through the use of our advertisement zone
no user should change his/her username colour to RED cos red names are only meant for Administrators and Moderators. disobedience to these rules calls for our RedCards.
We have implemented the rules. Note that any 2goscripter found breaking any of the above rules should be ready to face the panalties and consequences.

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