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Top 10 most annoying forums in Nigeria

Professor, (Male)
116 days ago NG Master, Super Addict
Have you ever come across a forum owned by a Nigerian and finds it so annoying? i guess Yes.
In Nigeria, forums are mostly disliked and seen as annoying either because of its design, policy or activities.
Well, i've compiled the list of forums people mostly finds annoying in Nigeria and most of these forums are popular forums which are owned by famous people on the Nigerian internet.
5 - Nairastate
infact, you might have come across this forum http://nairastate.com . The forum is very much annoying, there was a period in 2016 when all the topics on nairastate's fontpage were all about president Donald Trump. Another thing is that you will even find it difficult to know whether the site is forum or blog.

4 - JDtrendz
http://jdtrendz.com is probably one of the annoying forum in Nigeria. it is owned by a guy with the nick "PEDRO" who is so lazy and base most of his activities on money without solving much of people's problems. the forum's homepage is also usually dry with no new topic for about 2weeks or more.

3 - Nairaland
yet http://nairaland.com is a very popular forum in Nigeria, its administrators has never for once considered its users feelings and opinions rather they focus on selling exploiting ads spaces to poor Nigerians. This forum i named "Fire" in 2017, why? cos their moderators over-react. you can get banned for trying to help a fellow member and the forum's administrators sees any forum or social network as competitor and that's one of the reasons its founder Seun Osewa has paid less attention to the programming section of the forum cos he doesn't wanna see Nigeria have the ability to setup forums that would correct the ills of his unbeneficial forum.

3 - Jackobian
http://jackobian.com which succeeded KINWAP.COM has proved to be annoying to Nigerian most especially those who visits the forum using keypad phones, you should know already what i wanna talk about... This forum is not well structured at all, you will keep seeing the same topics like 4times on the homepage which makes the forum annoying and the immediate popup of their MGID ADS immediately you visit the homepage has made the forum more than annoying.

2 - Africoders
http://africoders.Com being built by a skilled programmer, i wasn't expecting the forum to be this annoying. You would actually not understand the arrangements of the forum. Uniqueness has killed its founder (DHTML), you won't even know whether the stuffs on its homepage are "topics" or "status". everything on the forum is just confusing.
Uniqueness lo pa won.

1 - 2goscript
http://2goscript.Wapka.Mobi made the first list of the most annoying forums in Nigeria cos it is endowed with a whole lot of features but they aren't being explored. the rate at which it stays unactive for sometimes is often very annoying as you won't even get to read new topics within that period. though its founder tries as much as possible to privately help users with tutorials and special codes cos he has once helped me with this... but still the forum is very much annoying.

Note That: this post wasn't shared to criticize the activities of the above forums.
License: (25HbT-52958)
*...Life Goes On. #2goscript...*

Justp, (Male)
116 days ago AFRIC Newbie
Perfect write up. Kudos @Professor.
But you don't always active.

I must commend you, you are doing great work for keeping this forum running till date.

Don't quit! Ride on!

Professor, (Male)
116 days ago NG Master, Super Addict
Thanks @justp.
Good to have you.
*...Life Goes On. #2goscript...*

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