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Steps to being creative and do good musc to make a hit.

Daniyan timilehin, ()
353 days ago NG
Being creative means uniqueness in something. the act of being able to do something different and special from others without any form of immitation mainly with the use of special and professional skills.
Doing good music is the art of making musics that would be loved by all and become a hit. It means producing good sounds and lyrics from scratch, when i say "from scratch" i mean "without any form of immitation".
Being creative and do good music therefore means the good use of special and professional skills in composing music and bringing out good sounds and lyrics which would be loved and sung by all and make quick hit.

A music which is not of good quality and of special shape will never make a hit cos such is never a unique and good one.
Being creative and not just creative but extra-ordinarily creative just to do music is not an issue but the main steps and layout to follow is where upcoming artistes and other popular musicians are not getting it.
To make good music and be more creative you should be able to develop in you the below qualities and take note of the below steps.
uniqueness is the master key
making your music unique (only type of its kind) matters alot cos people actually gets tired of same music the same way they get tired of eating the same food for a month. So you need to make your music different from that of other artistes.
Originality is very important.
bringing out the originality in your music in the area of original beats and complete new lyrics. As an artiste you should never, i repeat you should never work on an already started beat or lyric cos this brings out the fake side of you and your music and make fans disapprove your albums like they disapprove friend requests on facebook. You don't expect people to love fake Gucci and designer bag and you should note that fake things don't last.
when you do fake songs you can never blow or last in the music industry, you will just keep trying without getting good results.
Hardwork and constant rehearsal is a good step
when i say "hardwork" i mean extra efforts. you should attach extra effort to making you music a big one by spending much time rehearsing in studios and also find time to write good and sensible lyrics. I assure you of become popular in the face of your country's music industry if you are hardworking.
Work with good and experienced producers
you should work with a producer because he is affordable but because he is a professional and well experienced. As an upcoming artiste find good producers, work together and take to corrections so as to find solutions. work with producers who will be able to edit your lyrics to the taste of your fans.
Making use of the best beats.
good and interesting beats actually matters cos this also makes people dance to your song easily and make DJ's want to play your song during shows just to make fans celebrate.
if possible you should find time to create beats by yourself so as to match with your song and also make sure you don't make use of many instruments to make your beats.
find a good title for your song.
do you know that good titles also motivate artistes to do good music? When you have in mind that "this" this your title it also makes you have the passion to make a music that will match with the good title.
do music mainly because you have the passion for it.
Trust me you won't get to the next level if you do music just because you're enticed by the flashy assets of rich and popular musicians cos when you do it for the love of money you just release lame albums.
the most important part is believing in yourself and making sure you satisfy your fans.

Laxon, (Male)
71 days ago AFRIC Expert, Super Addict
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