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How past-Questions can boost your exam scores/grade (must read)

@bot, (Male)
343 days ago NG Expert
Have you ever thought of making use of past-questions to prepare for your exams? It's really of good benefit using past-questions to prepare for your exams because it will definitely boost your exam scores and make you come out with the best grades both in internal and external examinations.

What you don't know about past-questions is that it is basically made up of frequently asked questions during examinations yearly. These questions are now compiled together in a book which we now call "Past-questions" and using this to prepare for your examinations would help alot because you would actually see a similar question to the one in your past-question in examination questions most especially in English language & Mathematics.

How to use past-questions to prepare for exams also matters alot; if you are to write 12different subjects in your exam, you should treat more than 5subject daily and substituting them for each other everyday.
For this to work for you perfectly, you should have a past-question for each subject.

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