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Top foods and fruits that aids good health

Daniyan timilehin, ()
218 days ago NG
Today i will be sharing top foods and fruits that aids good health.
Generally foods and fruits aids good health but more than the other in the sense that all foods and fruits serve different purposes in which some could be dangerous to the human body
- Banana: this fruit enhance the regulation of blood round the body and also enhances free movement of blood round the body.
- Beans: this is one of the best proteinous food as it plays an important role in the body. it supports body growth in the areas of size, weight, height, width and also protects the body from various germs.
- Garden Egg: this is one of the best fruit. it helps the heart to function well and solves breathing problems. it can also be used to cook soups and it helps in clearing blockages in the throat.
- PineApple: pineapple provides sugar for the blood, it fight against germs in the body and it regulates sugar in the blood.
- Oil (groundnut Oil: this helps in avoiding the skin from being dry that is it greases the skin and helps it to stay oily.
other Fruits and foods that aids good health are;
- Apple
- Meat & Fish
- water melon
- vegetables
- cashew
- berries
- carrot which aids clear and sharp vision.

mr_seth, (Male)
217 days ago NG
Okay nah. I didn't know that cashew still exists.

Oluwolex, (Male)
217 days ago NG Newbie
Nice topic, but i dey vex for you because you removed the guestbook

@bot, (Male)
217 days ago NG Expert
Quoting: Oluwolex
Nice topic, but i dey vex for you because you removed the guestbook
me sef dey vex for Daniyan o but the guy know weytin he dey do sha. He might have a good reason for removing the guestbook

@bot, (Male)
217 days ago NG Expert
Thank you for this thread.
Daniyan please accept my friend request on facebook i have many things to discuss with you.

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