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Differences between Cherubim and Celestial Church

Daniyan timilehin, ()
264 days ago NG
Agreed the both are among the top spiritual church in Africa because of the way they find solutions to spiritual problem through the support of our Lord, God.

there are many differences but few similarities between the great Cherubim & Saraphim and the great Celestial Church of Christ (C.C.C)
- the Celestial Church or Christ prohibits putting on foot-wears while wearing the white garment but the Cherubim permits it.

In Cherubim children are permitted to wear Girdles while children are not permitted to wear girdle in the Celestial church.

- Celestians don't eat snakes, pigs, smails while Cherubims do eat it.

- the head of a parish in a Celestial Church is called Shepherd (OLUSHO) while the head of a parish in a Cherubim Church is called ALAGBA.

- the only colour of candle allowed in Celestial Church is White while in Cherubim red, yellow, blue candles etc. Are allowed to be used.

- red girdles are prohibited in celestial churches while it is fully allowed to be used in Cherubim churches.

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