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Reason behind the Annual washing of feet of celestial church of christ worshippers

Daniyan timilehin, ()
323 days ago NG
This was adopted from an event that occured in the bible

This is held on the thursday of the holy week (passion week). it is in commemoration of the even when Jesus Christ washed the feet of his disciples during the last supper. For this purpose, it has been laid down in the celestial church of Christ that representatives of each parish shall congregate at the Diocesan Headquarters, Makoko on the saturday preceding the palm sunday, after a short service the representatives would return to their respective parishes on sunday (i.e the palm sunday) and would perfor the washing of feet to members of their respective parishes on the following thursday.

JOHN 13:5-9
this was written in blue cos its meant to represent the source of Celestial Church Of Christ.

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