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Newest Nigerian Teen Musician Demokraycie

Professor, (Male)
25 days ago GB Master, Super Addict
A new young talented Nigerian singer and rapper with the stage name "Demokraycie" who said some good feelings has been telling him to do music is set to begin his music career as he has claimed to be fully prepared to join the Nigeria music industry.

An Interview With Demokraycie

what's your name name and how old are you? My stage name is Demokraycie and I'm just 17years of age.

Why have you chosen the name Demokraycie and what made you choose it? Actually, I got the name from the word "Democracy" and I chose to make use of this name because I was born on the 29th of May which is the day Democracy day is being celebrated in Nigeria, being a Nigeria I have to make my country impact me.

Why do you choose to do music? I first didn't want to do music. But my family members since I was 9years old have been telling me that I have talent for music until few weeks ago when I sat down in my dad's parlour and started getting music inspirations which made me write up to 5raps within those few hours I got the inspirations after which I started joining Facebook group chats to involve in rap battles which I also do with my Facebook friend David and even before now i have always thought of doing music to create a positive impact in the life of people so all these actually motivated me.

For how long have you been doing music? Just few weeks though it has been more than a month now.

how many albums have you dropped since you decided to start music? None ooo, I have just been working on some lyrics so that I can combine them and do good music cos the first set of lyrics I made has been shared into groups as freestyles and battles.

when should we be expecting your first album? Anytime soon which I pray should be sooner cos my sponsor asked me to get more followers before he can fully sponsor me that's why i have been posting freestyles and my self made lyrics.

what type of music are you planning to do? Hiphop! But I don't know the genre cos my target is to change the world positively so I won't just stay at a point but dive into different genres to suit different situations.

who is your music Icon? I would say Icons because they are not just one. Some are foreign musicians and some Nigerians such as Olamide, Drake, Dremo, Ycee, Runtown, Davido and so on they all give me inspiration most especially Olamide and Drake.

Like and follow him on facebook by clicking here@Demokraycie
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