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Things you must know about the forthcoming celeb contest

Daniyan, ()
64 days ago NG
Good day all,
few days ago we announced that the celebrity week contests would be taking place again here on this forum.
But why did we create this topic? A very few people knows little about the said Celeb contest so we would want everyone (users & guests) to know some important things attached to the contest.

- Prizes are involved: good right? yea, winners would always get prizes for themselves which could be in form of airtime, cash, FoCredits, 1week free ads placement, electronic games etc.

- there would be only one winner: yes there would be a whole lot of contestants but only one out of the contestants would be crown celebrity of the week though other contestants whose votes gets them on the 2nd and 3rd position would be gifted with prices based on their generated votes.

- Voting is done anonymously: voters should do that voting would be done secretly and their voting actions won't be visible to a second party. only you would know the contestant you have voted for.

- non-logged users can cast votes: good right? yes! you don't need to login before you could be able to vote for your desired contestant, you can just pick up your phone and vote for any contestant of your choice with having to login. with this, people from other social medias, sites and other forums can vote for any contestant directly.


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