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Who is the Richest person on 2goscript?

Professor, (Male)
121 days ago NG Master, Super Addict
Most times i do imagine how good it would be if users here on 2goscript can convert their ChatCredits to real cash, as in raw cash.

For some weeks now I've been trying to know the richest member on 2goscript which made me carry out a survey on forum themes, comments and chatcredits though i was thinking that am going to be the richest user here but to my biggest surprise I am not even among the top 3 richest users here on 2goscript.

Without wasting time, after all my survey, I firmly establish the fact that @Laxon is the richest member here on 2goscript who has over $2.3Billion ChatCredits making him the first Billionaire here on 2goscript, presently he has created over 76Topics and over 193 Forum Posts. and according to my calculations Laxon will worth more than Whatsapp before the end of December 2018 when he will be having over $98.6Billion Chatcredits here on his 2goscript account.
*...Life Goes On. #2goscript...*

Laxon, (Male)
121 days ago US Expert, Super Addict
That's right!
And am not slowing down
*...Always visit http://edgelinemusic.name.ng...*

Professor, (Male)
121 days ago NG Master, Super Addict
*...Life Goes On. #2goscript...*

Laxon, (Male)
114 days ago AFRIC Expert, Super Addict
*...Always visit http://edgelinemusic.name.ng...*

Oluwolex, (Male)
112 days ago NG Newbie
Hm good to know

Pride, (Male)
7 days ago AFRIC Newbie
*...All time low...*

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