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Today Is Wednesday,15 August 2018, 2:07 PM
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Forum4Africa's celebrity contest to begin in few days

Professor, (Male)
93 days ago NG Master, Super Addict
Hello, We are here again to bring to your notice the commencement of the usual Celebrity Week which has been in place here on 2goscript for some years.

Is this really gonna come? yea! yea!! in few days time, the celebrity week is gonna be held here on this site and winners would be chosen through votes which could be cast by either guests or users meaning that "you can vote even when not logged". As usual, there would be several contestants but only one out of the contestants would be qualified as a celebrity for that week.

yummy! there would be prizes for winners of Celebrity programmes here on this forum which would include Airtime, Electronic games, 1week free ads placement and cash prizes.

stay tuned cos it's here already.
*...Life Goes On. #2goscript...*

Laxon, (Male)
93 days ago AFRIC Expert, Super Addict
That's nice... I am ready for this
*...Always visit http://edgelinemusic.name.ng...*

Pride, (Male)
93 days ago AFRIC Newbie
Am new here
*...All time low...*

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