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Today Is Monday,21 May 2018, 1:47 PM

The right way to kill a COCK or HEN (must read pidgin version)
Creator: @bot
Total msg(s): 1
View(s): 348
Last msg: 278 days ago by @bot

Nigerian Police payan
Creator: Daniyan timilehin
Total msg(s): 3
View(s): 518
Last msg: 286 days ago by ZEDCHAT

Game time!! Play and Win!
Creator: Laxon
Total msg(s): 6
View(s): 1067
Last msg: 169 days ago by Hapzy

This is the awkward Truth About some husbands
Creator: Hapzy
Total msg(s): 4
View(s): 953
Last msg: 170 days ago by Laxon

GUYS that moment she eats more than your pocket
Creator: @bot
Total msg(s): 9
View(s): 2266
Last msg: 202 days ago by Hapzy

Akpos and his evil neighbour
Creator: @bot
Total msg(s): 1
View(s): 328
Last msg: 203 days ago by @bot

Where are the ghosts using the Private message PM function?
Creator: Daniyan timilehin
Total msg(s): 3
View(s): 1028
Last msg: 225 days ago by Hapzy

<The Last Person To Post In This Thread Wins>>~
Creator: Ayo
Total msg(s): 3
View(s): 1003
Last msg: 319 days ago by Hapzy

Answer A Question With A Question Reloaded
Creator: Ayo
Total msg(s): 1
View(s): 293
Last msg: 320 days ago by Ayo

Nigeria Jokes Update With Ofego
Creator: Hapzy
Total msg(s): 2
View(s): 537
Last msg: 325 days ago by Hapzy

99% Will Fail This-#try_it
Creator: Hapzy
Total msg(s): 3
View(s): 786
Last msg: 328 days ago by Hapzy

Question Of The Day?Genius Enter Here
Creator: Hapzy
Total msg(s): 4
View(s): 920
Last msg: 366 days ago by @2goscript

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